Visual Basic Programming for .NET

Visual Basic Programming for .NET
Visual Basic .NET 16 CD + Advanced Visual Basic .NET 7 CD English | ISO | 7.67 GB

Genre: eLearning
Visual Basic enables developers to rapidly assemble well-architected applications that run on the Microsoft .NET framework. This course provides the knowledge and techniques needed to write sophisticated Windows or ASP.NET applications with Visual Basic. You will develop the skills to leverage the object-oriented capabilities of Visual Basic to build business applications.
A full course of Visual Basic. NET for Developers 23 CD (includes course Visual Basic. NET 16 CD + Course Advanced Visual Basic. NET 7 CD). Once again – it’s a single course, which includes just two. Maybe someone would think that this course is not quite fresh and relevant today (still, after nearly released Visual Studio 2008), but for those who are just beginning to study Visual Basic. NET – this course is more than enough! It includes all the basics that are used to this day.
You Will Learn How To:

Construct business applications that fully exploit VB and .NET
Model business logic by coding classes with fields, properties, methods and events
Apply inheritance, interfaces and polymorphism
Design Windows and ASP.NET web user interfaces with Visual Basic
Harness EF, LINQ and lambda functions for data access
Hands-On Experience Includes:

Constructing Visual Studio solutions and Visual Basic projects
Coding business logic classes using Visual Studio
Employing object-oriented features of Visual Basic
Creating well-designed ASP.NET web and Windows UIs
Integrating SQL Server data access into Visual Basic with LINQ and EF
Deploying and updating Windows and ASP.NET web applications

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