LearnNowPlus – Microsoft ASP.NET Web Services

LearnNowPlus – Microsoft ASP.NET Web Services
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In this course, you will build a solid foundation for the development of Web services and gain an understanding of how commonly used protocols can impact your development effort.
You will learn how to create and consume ASP.NET Web services, describe your Web service so that others can use it, and publish the details of your Web service’s exposed method. You will also discover how current and evolving standards, such as XML Schema and WS-Security, can be integrated into Web service development.

In this course, you will…
* Learn to create and consume ASP.NET Web services
* Gain an understanding of how the SOAP protocol acts as the underlying transport for Web services.
* Utilize the XML Schema standard to define and validate SOAP documents
* Discover how to solve common development issues by using both current and evolving standards, such as WS-Security, WS-Routing and WS-Transaction.

Prerequisites: The course materials assume that the student is familiar with Visual Basic. Some familiarity with Visual Basic .NET and Visual Studio .NET (ability to recognize namespaces and directives) is useful, as well as familiarity with creating Internet applications.

Introduction to ASP.NET Web Services
* An Introduction to Web Services
* Component-Based Development
* What Are Web Services?
* Web Service Terminology
* XML Refresher
* Web Service Request Architecture

Creating a Web Service
* The Web Service Puzzle
* Configuring Your Environment
* Implementing a Web Service
* Testing Your Web Service
* Deploying Your Web Service

Consuming a Web Service
* The Basics of Consumption
* Consuming with Visual Basic 6
* Consuming with Classic ASP
* Consuming with Visual Basic .NET

Describing Your Web Service
* What Is WSDL?
* The WSDL Specification
* Generating the WSDL File
* Customizing the WSDL File

Publishing Your Web Service
* The Publish/Find/Bind Cycle
* Publish the Web Service
* Finding a Web Service

Design Decisions for Web Services
* Coupling and Web Service Design
* Designing a Web Service
* Implementing a Web Service
* Other Design Issues
* Interoperability

SOAP: Not Just For Hands Anymore
* What is SOAP?
* SOAP in Action
* SOAP Encoding

XML Schemas
* XML Schema Defined
* XML Namespaces
* XML Schema Elements
* Validation Using XML Schemas

Web Service Authentication
* Web Service Security Basics
* Windows Authentication
* Forms and Passport Authentication
* Making the Choice
* WS-Security
* Custom Authentication

Improving Web Service Performance
* Performance for Web Services
* Common Performance Bottlenecks
* Performance Enhancing Techniques
* Designing for Scalability

Web Service Transactions
* Transaction Concepts
* Two-Phase Commit
* WS-Coordination
* WS-Transaction
* Windows Transactions

Interacting with the SOAP Message
* Processing a SOAP Message
* HTTP Modules
* HTTP Handlers
* SOAP Extensions

Web Service Instrumentation
* The Goal of Instrumentation
* Availability
* Latency
* Performance
* Failure Rate
* Configuration

Calling SOAP from the Client
* Improving the User Experience
* DHTML Behaviors
* The WebService Behavior

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